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Organization development

Organization development can be practiced in various types of organizations in both the private and public sectors. Historically, OD was mostly practiced on industrial and manufacturing organizations, but recent OD work has grown to include service organizations and unique settings that have a need for the disciplined and planned approach to change. Identify and discuss the unique characteristics a non-industrial organization in education, health care, or a family-owned business with which you are familiar.

REAL LIFE APPLICATION:As an OD practitioner, what would your role be in this setting to facilitate change? Why are these steps different from another setting, such as industrial, for example? Make sure to come back and add to this discussion throughout the course.

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Organization development is sometimes considered a soft skill because it requires effective management, people skills, and negotiation abilities. However, there are also economic and strategic factors that can be considered hard skills in organization development. Effective OD practice requires a strategic focus coupled with people skills to facilitate the achievement of change and strategic goals. OD also deals with managing risk and ensuring legal compliance.

Read this synopsis for information on factors that strategic OD can ...

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Real life applications for organization development is determined.