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    Analyze the Organization Development Network

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    Organization Development Network - http://www.odnetwork.org/

    Complete an analysis of the organization above and make certain to include the following elements in your analysis:

    (1) Founding date of organization
    (2) Organizations focus/interest
    (3) Ethics and/or code of conduct
    (4) Offerings for their respective members
    (5) Requirements to become a member

    ** Include in your analysis what in this organization that makes it unique and your ideal selection.

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    Organization Analysis: Organization Development Network

    Answer 1: Founding Date of Organization

    Organization development network is an international organization that is committed to strengthen organization development in international level. Company was founded in 1964 with the help of Warner Burk in order to share experiences and promote mutual learning among practitioners (Jones, Brazzel & NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science 2006).

    Answer 2: Organization Focus or Interest

    The organization development network focuses to develop the experience and best practices among the members. With the help of annual conferences, the OD Network trying to present and share best experiences and theories of members in order to develop organization development practices in the organizations (Organization Development Network 2011). OD Network also provides the opportunities for newcomers to share their learning and experiences with the old members of the OD Network. The main focus of the organization is to develop best practices in organization development. For this, OD Network formed many associations in different countries across the world and increase the membership in different countries such as India, United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Cyprus, Hungary, ...

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    The solution analyzes the Organization Development Network. The founding date of organizations are provided.