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    Abstract Model Guidance Analysis

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    Analyze the different types of abstract models and examples of the problems that are applicable to each type of model.

    A brief description of each type of model:

    Discipline specific

    A brief description of problem for which each model is applicable.

    Why each example is applicable to the model for which it was chosen?
    Present the paper in Microsoft Office Word document format.

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    Running Head: ABSTRACT MODEL

    Abstract Model

    Types of abstract model
    Deterministic models
    Mathematical concepts and language are included in Deterministic models. This model is not only used in the engineering discipline and natural science, but also in statisticians, operation research, economist social science etc. Deterministic model develops theoretical concepts of mathematics that help in solving the problems (Pagani, 2008). It shows that this model is effective to improve knowledge of individuals in relation to different theories and concepts of mathematics. In the deterministic model, the known relationships between the events and states determine the accurate result.

    In this model, the given input produces same output. Higher resolution, higher accuracy, requires extensive data and higher computation overhead are some important features of this model (Braithwaite & Scott, 2004). This model also guides the organization in utilizing the resources in better way for achieving the goal of the organization. In financial function of the organization, this model supports in the budget formulation. This model concerns all the branches of the science and describes the behavior on the basis of physical law.

    For example, an organization is facing unavailable drainage system problem. Organization decides to install drainage system in its operation. Drainage system requires different combination of chemical as well as it also depends on the mathematical concept. This system also affects the environment. So, it is necessary for the organization to effectively analyze all the factors related to the ...

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    Abstract model guidance analysis is examined.