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    Self-Improvement and OD Interventions

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    Dear OTA, I am working on a book and would like to ask your assistance. I want to outline my personality to apply OD interventions. As an extrovert, dedicated, happy and excited person entering a business as a professional in OD I would like help with answering the following questions. All information is about an OD professional.

    1. Outlining your personality.---as an OD professional
    2. Formulate a clear personal mission and vision statement and include a SWOT analysis focusing on your strengths and weaknesses.
    3. Develop an action plan with concrete steps addressing your weaknesses while capitalizing on your strengths.
    4. Include a description of the various OD interventions that will help one address weaknesses and build on strengths.
    5. Explain how sustainable one thinks these outcomes would be over time.

    Thank you so much for your expert help.

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    1. Outlining your personality.---as an OD professional

    My personality has several elements that will make me a good OD professional. I am a good listener. I have the ability to understand diverse people. I can also consider different perspectives and reach a balanced conclusion. This element of my personality is very useful in resolving conflicts. Another personality attribute is that I continuously expand my knowledge both related to my work and related to the business world in general. On current affairs, I have an opinion and I am a good conversationalist. I like to meet new people and I am original in my behavior. I have a positive attitude and can respond humorously to any situation. For example, if there is a conflict between colleagues in the finance department, I can crack a joke about 'crash accounts' and enable communication. By nature I am an extrovert and can think on my feet. Even when there are pressures I can perceive the facts and make a balanced decision. I have the ability to persuade people, I command respect from others, have a passion for what I do, and I am honest. For instance, when I am a group member most of the members respect me and follow my vision. My personality is suitable for organizational development because I have confidence, I am clear about who I am, and I care for others (French, W.L. and Bell Jr., C, H. 1999). When I am a member of a team, I am able to engage all its members. As an OD professional, I can empower others and collaborate with them for achieving the objectives.

    2. Formulate a clear personal mission and vision statement and include a SWOT analysis focusing on your strengths and weaknesses.

    Vision Statement:
    Be the world's best organizational development professional. The services provided by me will add to organization's/individual's value.

    Mission Statement:
    I am an OD consultant that will provide the best change management services, group problem solving, and talent management. I will help managers assess their workforce so that the right abilities are matched with the right skills. I will help teams ...

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