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Systematic approach to improving quality care

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Why is it important to take a systematic approach to improving quality care? What issues should be addressed to bring positive change to the improvement process?

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The goals provide a general focus and direction. The goals, in turn, serve as a guide for developing a set of objectives that will measure actual progress within a specified amount of time. The objectives focus on the determinants of health, which encompass the combined effects of individual and community physical and social environments and the policies and interventions used to promote health, prevent disease, and ensure access to quality health care. The ultimate measure of success in any health improvement effort is the health status of the target population.

The objective to bring about quality improvement cannot by itself do so, it requires a systematic approach. Successful community partnerships use a systematic approach to health improvement. Systematic approach is necessary to improve quality care in order to solve the problems associated with the requirement. You cannot solve a systems problem with Fragmented ...

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