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Management in Healthcare

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Imagine that you are a senior consultant at a Practical Health Care Consulting firm. Your supervisor has instructed you to spend three (3) months at the Caring Angel Hospital to help improve the quality of care, add value to the organization, improve employee morale, design an efficient organizational chart, create a strong team environment, and create the hospital's competitive advantage. The hospital has traditionally made losses year after year. Furthermore, it is not performing well financially, and the banks are not willing to lend it large sums of money for more effective marketing.

After spending two (2) months within the hospital, you are very happy with your progress, and you think you are capable of acquiring more patient base and expanding the hospital market. However, with a closer look, you notice that your patients are still hopping from one specialized hospital to another in search of various specialized treatments. You also notice that the seats are not comfortable in the waiting area, and the patients continuously show up for appointments on the wrong dates. The nurses and the employees are not smiling during patient conversations, and everyone looks for ways to blame others for failures in the patient treatment process. Everyone seems to work alone and hide what they do from their colleagues.

At the end of the three (3) month period, you must provide a report with your recommended strategies designed to help Caring Angel Hospital achieve its goals.

From a consulting perspective, propose the major steps that Caring Angel Hospital could take to achieve each of the following goals:
Improve the quality of care
Add value to the organization
Improve employee morale
Design an efficient organizational chart
Create a strong team environment
Create the hospital's competitive edge.
Recommend one (1) approach that the hospital could use for acquiring a larger market share given the prevailing financial circumstances. Justify your recommendation.
Investigate at least two (2) value-added services that Caring Angel Hospital could offer to strengthen its value proposition. Provide at least two (2) examples of the advantages of these value-added services to the hospital.
Use four (4) recent (within the last five [5] years) quality academic resources in this assignment.

Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as quality academic resources.

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Literature Review: The Role of Intangible Resources in Improving Quality of Care in Hospitals: A Framework to Evaluate Technical and Functional Quality. Conference By: Hamed, Hussain; De Lusignan, Simon. Proceedings of the International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning. 2013, p514-523.
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From a consulting perspective, propose the major steps that Caring Angel Hospital could take to achieve each of the following goals: Improve the quality of care, Add value to the organization, Improve employee morale, Design an efficient organizational chart, Create a strong team environment, Create the hospital's ...

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