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Strategies to minimize risk, concern of stakeholders

Please answer all of the following questions/scenarios in a thorough, professional manner and provide references used:

1. -
A. As a professional, what strategies would you develop and implement to minimize the risks associated with assessing the need for change in an organization?
B. Identify and explain the different stakeholders that may be concerned by introducing change in an organization.
C. To what extent does integrating the needs of these stakeholders help to facilitate the change process?

2. -
A. Research and explain Organizational Development Interventions.
B. What can you do to become effective in using some of these interventions?
C. Create an Action Plan that could help you develop the skills required to effectively use these interventions.

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Organizational Development

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In present competitive environment, every organization is trying to adopt change in accordance to the market requirement. This change mainly includes adoption of advanced technologies available in the market. This change although is good for the organizations that adopt it but in turn it also includes a number of risks that basically depicts in the form of change resistance and interpersonal conflicts. In every organization that tries to adopt a need for change confronts a number of risks in the form of resistance to change.

All these risks that are related with assessing the need for change can be handled in an effective and efficient manner along with the use of some prominent strategies like training and awareness programs, development of trust among each other by adopting effective means of communication and building pre-planned plans (Trainor, 2004). Organizations should communicate the realities with its employees so that they can also understand the requirement of change and can help in making effective change. These frequently-conflicting roles and risks of change management can only be fortunate if strong partnerships are developed through trust, communication and active participation.

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An organization's stakeholders can be classified in internal and external stakeholders that are mostly affected by the different actions and activities of an organization and when an organization is considering introducing change in the organization it will definitely make an effect on some of the stakeholders. This effect upon the stakeholders particularly depends upon the type of change an organization is considering. Like if an organization is adopting adaptive change that basically comprises alteration of most features of an organization and the achievement of a fit among the changes with firm's strategy.

This adaptive kind of change invariably makes an effect on most of the stakeholders like owners, managers, employees and customers. All these ...

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Strategies to minimize risk, and concerns of stakeholders is determined.