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Stakeholders, quality and risk management

Discuss the role of stakeholders in quality and risk management including the relationships between employers and third party payers with health care organizations. What roles do each play in quality and risk management, if any? What is the impact on the patient's and care they receive?

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There are a large number of stakeholders in quality and risk management. In theory, any employee, employer, patient and third party payer is a stakeholder in the process because quality and risk management ultimately affects them in one way or another.

Employees and employers serve as the front line identifiers for issues in quality and risk management. They can identify areas where risk is higher than one would be comfortable with. For example, as an x-ray tech, I have identified that having to ...

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This solution provides a brief discussion of how stakeholders (patients, employees, employers, managers, third party payers) impact and affect quality and risk management in health care settings.