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Adapting Organizational Development Interventions

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How would you describe how OD (organizational development practitioner) interventions need to be adapted to fit different cultural contexts.

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Organizational Development (OD) Interventions

Organizational development interventions are finely tuned techniques that Organizational Development (OD) Professionals use to coach and help solve the complex problems that arise in organizations (Rasing, 2010). The OD professional must be mindful of the importance of culture in these situations. When an intervention takes place, the OD professional must evaluate the setting of the organization, the structure, attitude and working conditions that will be included in the intervention.

Cultural Considerations
Through all of the preparation that must go into such an intervention, the OD must understand that interventions appropriate in one area may not fit a separate culture. The cultural context should be considered for the intervention from the very beginning. It is what defines the appropriate ...

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The expert describes how OD interventions need to be adopted to fit different cultural contexts. Organizational development practitioners are examined.

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