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    HRD change

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    Research and describe the concept of HRD change in an organization. In addition, rationalize suitable interventions to address emotions of change by choosing one of the following theories to assess and evaluate.
    1.HRD of Human Processed-Based Intervention Theory
    2.Techno-Structural Intervention Theory
    3.Sociotechnical Systems Theory
    4.Organizational Transformation Theory

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    //The following section consists of the concept of human resource development in an organization, as well as its role and significance in enhancing organizational functioning.//

    The concept of Human Resource Development (HRD) is considered to be a significant discipline in the present contemporary business environment (Elliott & Turnbull, 2004). The scope related to the HRD practices is vast including all the interventions regarding knowledge enhancement, skills perfection and applying competencies for the benefit of others. These interventions further help in creating better opportunity for the career development of the individual. In addition to this, human resource management is also responsible for managing and planning a change in any organization. Conflict management also comes under the responsibility of HRD professionals by facilitating improvement in the labor management relation (Werner & DeSimone, 2011).

    In relation to the interventions taken under HRD, it is important to consider that if the activation of positive emotions, as well as the containment of negative emotion is not ensured, the employee performance can greatly suffer. While designing ...

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    The response addresses the query and is posted in 703 words with APA References.