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    Benefits and Limitations of Interventions in Social Groups

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    Discuss the benefits and limitations of interventions at the individual, small group, organizational, and community levels for facilitating social change.

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    Community Psychology & Social Change

    As a discipline, community psychology is all about promoting social change. It is a critical science in that its application can lead to positive changes that can provide solutions to social issues and change communities for the better. Community psychology can be applied at different levels through a host of interventions and perspective. But there are limitations to each and every single one of these as each level is limited to the individuals that it can affect or that it contains. Below I have provided a short discussion on this limitations and benefits.

    Individual - intervention at this level affects the individual directly - thus his or her issues can be provided focus and be given solutions and 'treatments' that can help in coping and ...

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    The solution discusses the benefits and limitations of interventions in social groups.