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    Training plan:

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    Need a training plan for the below:

    Something consisting of the below details...
    Needs assessment
    Environmental analysis
    Organizational analysis
    Demographical analysis
    Operational analysis
    Individual analysis
    Training methods
    Types of media
    Learning principles
    Training for learning skills or facts
    Effectiveness of methods

    It can be detailed and straight to the point

    If you read the below you will see what I need:

    Thanks for the performance management strategies you sent over. There were some great recommendations given. I'm excited to see what your team can come up with for a training plan. I know there are a lot of variables involved, but one of my concerns is about the cost of the training plan.

    Just keep in mind that my annual net revenue for the first year is going to be -$50,000. That will change, though, because my expected annual revenue growth is -5%. You'll probably also need to consider that I'm planning for 25 employees. Oh, and one more thing: I expect my annual turnover to be about 10%.

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    Needs assessment:
    - There are 25 employees and needs assessment will be carried out on the basis of feedback received from the performance evaluation. In addition, specific training needs are required for areas where new techniques or methods are to be applied. On the basis of performance evaluation we find that job related training is required for six employees.

    Environmental analysis:
    - The external environment shows that currently similar firms provide moderate training. If new departments are opened or new jobs are created, firms favor hiring trained persons instead of providing in-house training. Within your firm the environment is that when an employee is provided training it is assumed that the employee needs to improve her performance. In addition, those that have received training are less likely to leave the company.

    Organizational analysis:
    - You have 25 employees of these we assume that your company has five teams of four employees each. There are three supervisors, one CEO and yourself. Each team of four employees must be provided cultural training. The supervisors and the CEO must be provided with leadership training.

    Demographical ...

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