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    HR management using Critical Thinking

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    Xenia, I need your help.The following is all about the Big C firm. I need help going more in depth(1/2 pages) about the HR departments role such as how HR handles all the pay, personnel and other internal functions for the Big C firm. Also a few Power Point slides would help out great to portray the key points.

    The Sales Manager for Big C represents the public face of the consultant company. Being on the frontline, dealing with customers to promote the services and bring employment to the company. In addition to working with customers, the Sales Manager must be able to "recognize and develop individual abilities and efforts while at the same time promoting a collaborative and cooperative team atmosphere." (Lunsford, Marone, 2002). These skills brought together help to build a solid team and a strong business foundation for the success of Big C in the consulting world.
    The responsibilities of the CEO of Big C are to look at the goals and objectives of the company and to ensure the company meets those goals. The CEO works with outside sources such as a Board of Directors and investors to maintain and exceed the achievements of Big C.

    The CEO's job is to provide support and direction to the staff of Big C as well as to act as a leader when completing the missions of the company and meeting all their goals. Since Big C is a small company, just starting out the job of the CEO is to meet with and strategize with the consultants. This will help to maintain good and open communication lines with the staff and help steer the team in the right direction. The job of the CEO is to hire more staff as the company grows and figure out a budget and goals for every fiscal year. Coupled with the rest of the staff the CEO needs to make sure the team meets or exceeds all goals.

    Big C will need a staff of consultants to meet with the clients and perform the work. The consultants are the backbone of the company performing the needed service. The consultants will need to have the technical skills to perform the services required. The consultants must also have customer service skills. They need to be able to communicate with the customer; they are the representatives or 'ambassadors' for the company. The consultants must be able to handle angry customers; they may need to draw on sales skill if the opportunity allows; they must be able to deal with a wide variety of situations that could occur in the field. Overall, the consultant must have a wide range of skills for the company to succeed.

    Big C as a company thrives on the equal opportunity principle and an open door policy for hiring. Big C's human resources department ensures the company employees receive the pay promised, assists the employees on any issue the employee may have with management or other coworkers. Human resources department also does a thorough investigation in hiring consultants for Big C. Big C prides itself on honest and hardworking individuals who will help the company succeed. Human resources will work hand-in-hand with all levels of management to make sure the company and employees meet the goals, values and vision of Big C. Human resources will meet with management and employees on a regular basis ensuring that Big C operates efficiently.

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    Dear Student,
    This solution, as you asked looks at the way by which the imagined firm's HR Management department functions/ought to function while discussing key processes in HR Management. I cannot attach a PowerPoint file on here as it is too big. What I did however was design a PowerPoint presentation plan for you of 8 slides based on the solution I created. It is up to you to reword it or add whatever design in terms of graphics if you wish to make a PowerPoint presentation. The solution below is also attached as a word file. Good Luck! You can always ask for help if you need more assistance on this project of yours from me.

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    Big C Human Resources Department: Responsibilities & Mandate

    Human Resource Management is a strategized manner of handling a firm's most important asset, the people behind it. To do so employs a multi-tiered approach anchored by a critically thought out display of decisions & formation of concepts aimed at increasing efficiency and maintaining employee satisfaction hand in hand with corporate initiatives aimed at profit creation and company growth. The management of personnel as a business practice is an academic dynamo continually evolving and changing both in theory & practice. Whatever the size of the workforce 'under management', the practical techniques applied by Human Resource specialists allow for a more efficient approach keen on rewarding, retaining & developing. Max Caldwell, the management Director of Towers Perrin, a top HR Consultancy firm remarked,

    "Organizations that have cracked the code understand that we are not doing this to be nice, we are doing this for business reasons."

    Caldwell, a Managing Principal runs his firm's Workplace Effectiveness group, an HR-focused team keen at creating initiatives for employees to motivate and expand their skills for their own ...

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    The solution provides th student with guidance on creating an 8-slide powerpoint presentation discussing the roles taken on by an organization's HR department, in this case-that of Big C. It also povides guidance notes & points for discussion with regards to the roles taken on by a director or an executive in relation to HR management using critical thinking to create solutions for the organization in an effort to creatively meet goals.