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Apr 2012
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  • MBA, Merage School of Business, Univ of Cal, Irvine, 1998
  • BA, Univ of Cal, Irvine, 1996


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Using Excel Solver to Maximize Profit for a Cargo Ship

The load master for a freighter wants to determine the mix of cargo to be carried on the next trip.
The ship's volume limit for cargo is 100,000 cubic meters, and its weight capacity is 2,310 tons. The master has five different types of cargo from which to select and wishes to maximize the value of READ MORE »

Mathematics / Linear Transformation / Linear Programming » 576657

Linear Program Modeling: Case Study on Pine Furniture Company

The Pine Furniture Company makes fine country furniture. The company's current product lines consist of end tables, coffee tables, and dining room tables. The production of each of these tables requires 8, 15, and 80 pounds of pine wood, respectively. The tables are handmade and require one hour, tw READ MORE »

Economics / Microeconomics » 475164

Using T-bill Interest Rates to Determine Forward and Future Contract Rates

Suppose the current yields to maturity on 3 month and 6 month T-Bills are 4.0 percent and 5.0 percent, respectively (yields will need to be converted to 90-day returns).
(a) In perfectly efficient markets and risk-neutral pricing, what yield should you expect to find on a 3 month T-bill forward con READ MORE »

Business / Finance / Bond Valuation » 567905

Solving for Coffee Demand Using Regression Analysis

This is a portion of the solution. Please see attachment for full problem and solution:

In their article, "The Demand for Coffee in the United States: 1963-1977" (Quarterly Review of Economics and Business, Summer 1980 pp.36-50), C.J. Huang, J.J. Siegfried, and F. Zardoshty estimated the followin READ MORE »

Economics / Econometrics / Regression » 475168
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