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    Organizational Diagnostic Model

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    Which organizational diagnostic model would be best suited to an OD analysis of Mattel? Please be very thorough and specific.

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    Organizational Diagnosis Model for Mattel Inc
    In general, organizational diagnosis refers as the process of collecting data and information about functioning of an organization. In this context, organizational diagnosis model helps to enhance understanding about business entity on the basis of specific variables of performance and business operations (Raoprasert and Islam, 2010). An effective organizational diagnosis model helps clients and business stakeholders to better understand company's strengths, deficiencies, opportunities and threats. There are various organizational diagnosis models used in corporate world like force field analysis model, Leavitt's model, Likert's system analysis, open system theory, Weisbord's six-box model etc. Six box model provided by Marvin Weisbord is the most appropriate model for Mattel Inc. (Sauber, 2013).
    It is because this organizational diagnostic model is helpful to assess functioning of an organization. This model categorizes the functioning of whole organization into six broader including purposes, structure, relationship, rewards, helpful mechanism and ...

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    This response explains about organizational diagnostic model and also, recommends which model would be suited for the OD analysis of Mattel.