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Organizational Diagnosis of Palm

I have been given the task of reviewing and providing my boss with an overview of organizational diagnostic models. My request to you is to provide me insight to any issues Palm might have and how they might affect its integration into HP.

Please provide me insight into how the companies use of the Burke-Litwin Causal Model would provide the most value and input to making and integrating any diagnosis that has been identified.

Please provide a brief synopsis with references.

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//The given paper reflects the organizational diagnosis of Palm after being purchased by HP. As per your instructions, firstly we will talk about organizational diagnostic models that are used for reviewing the impact of any sort of change in the organizational practices.//

Overview of organizational diagnostic models:

Organizational diagnostic models are defined as tools, which are mainly used for measuring firm's alignment and ability. The diagnostic models focus on major elements of the organizations, including strategy, workforce potentialities, design and stake holder's satisfaction level. With these measures, managers can easily and effectively diagnose and promote an aligned and adaptive organization (Caluwé & Vermaak, 2003). Organization diagnostic model not only emphasizes on situational factors, but also includes business goals with strategy and workforce to facilitate change in the organization.

There exists large number of organizational diagnostic models. Some of commonly used ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 589 words with references.