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    Nadler Tushman Outputs for Palm, Inc

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    Using the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model, conduct an analysis of Palm, Inc outputs. Remember that outputs exist at the individual, group and organizational levels and that there are often differences between the output goals an organization specifies in its strategic plans and those that are actually achieved.

    Make a Case for one of the following possible statements about your organization: The interaction of the outputs at Palm, Inc from the three different levels of the organization, interact to generate [high, medium, or low] performance of the overall organization [choose one of the three possible performances.]

    Outputs at the organizational level are the products and/or services that it provides to its customers. What are these and how does the company categorize them? How does it measure its organizational performance (e.g., sales, net profit, return on sales, return on assets, market share, customer satisfaction, etc.) Provide some specific performance data.

    What are some ways the company identifies groups? For example, are there geographic groups (or divisions), functional groups, etc. What are the outputs of these groups? How does it (or how might it) measure performance of these groups?

    What are some of the key individual functions, and what are their outputs? How do these outputs contribute to the group outputs? How do they measure individual performance?

    Evaluate how the outputs at the different levels interact with each other. Determine if you think the overall performance of the company is high, medium, or low.

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    Overview of Palm Inc:

    Palm, Inc was founded in 1992 by Jeff Hawkins, with the assistance of Donna Dubinsky and Ed Colligan. The company is known for its expertise in mobile computing and smart phones and its products enable the users to avail the power of computing in their hands. The company focuses on attainment of sustainable growth and maintaining profit ratio through adoption of appropriated business practices. In the year 2010, the company was acquired by HP, a technological giant, for 1.2 billion (Yahoo Finance 2012). This newly acquired business by HP was responsible for the development of WebOS software and WebOS based hardware. The company is known for its products, such as, Palm® Tree smartphones and Palm LifeDrive.

    //In this section of the paper, the concept of Nadler and Tushman's Congruence Model will be discussed and assessed with respect to the interaction of the outputs at Palm, Inc from the three different levels of the organization//.

    This model of transformation process consists of four components or subsystems that can be identified as the work, the people, the formal organization, and the informal organization. The model suggests that all four components are interrelated and interdependent, and in order to attain effective management, it is important to manage the changes in these components efficiently (Jones & Brazzel 2006).

    The people: The people refer to the skills and characteristics of the employees along with their expectation and contribution in the organization.

    The work: This can be termed as the day to day activities that are carried out in order to produce desired and specified outcomes.

    The formal organization: This can be described as the nature of the structure, system and polices adopted by the organization.

    The informal organization: This is related to unwritten and unsaid rules, regulations and policies that emerge over a period of time.

    In Palm Inc, when the outputs are seen from the strategic level perspective, it is found that the company follows centralized and globally recognized programs for development of employees' competence and overall performance. The program not only inculcates required Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and other characteristics (KSAOs) among the people, but it also increases their engagement in the workplace and with the work itself (Jonesand ...

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    The purpose of this paper is to make a critical analysis of Nadler and Tushman's Congruence Model in Palm, Inc. This model is primarily concerned with the change process and the factors which influence and determine the success of an organization when these factors are changed. In the context of this model, an organization can be seen as a sub-system of interacting components which can sense and scan the changes in the external environment. In this paper, the case of Palm Inc. has been taken into consideration in order to evaluate the impact of this model on their input-output process.