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Company Structure and Control Systems

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I am writing a case study for SPX Corporation, Charlotte NC and have to argue why the company should keep it's current business structure. I need assistance with analyzing the company's structure and control systems. The aim of this analysis is to identify what structure and control systems the company is using to implement its strategy and to evaluate whether the structure is the appropriate one for the company.

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The expert examines company structures and control systems.

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Company Structure and Control System
Company structure represents the frameworks typically hierarchies within the company. Company arranges its lines of authority and communication, allocates rights and duties according to company structure. Company structure decides the manners, roles, power and responsibilities to control and coordinate between the levels of managements (Kao & Tien, 2003). Organizational structure depends on the company's objectives and the strategy to achieve them. A firm uses different strategies or policies to control the internal system of company. Control system includes process for planning, organizing, directing and controlling program operations in the company. This paper explains the SPX Corporation's current business structure and control system.

Structure and Control System of SPX Corporation

SPX Corporation is a multi-industry manufacturing leader that provides highly specialized and engineering solutions to critical business issues for its customers. It is a global supplier of engineered technologies that support critical need of modern societies with a solution in power & energy and food and beverage markets. SPX produces a variety of infrastructure and other solution services across 35 countries worldwide (SPX Corporation, 2012). SPX works collaboratively across business segments, business units, brands, departments and disciplines. It uses collaborative structure within companies.

Collaboration means working together efficiently and effectively. Collaboration structure is applied to multiple levels of the organization at work place. SPX is characterized by international efforts to create structures, cultures, practices ...

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