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    Management: Four Elements of Motivation and Types of Innovation

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    Answer the following questions:

    o What are the four elements of motivation?
    o How would you describe the framework for incentives systems design?

    Describe briefly the following four types of innovation management models:

    o Stage gate
    o Venture capital
    o Technology innovation
    o Time driven

    Compare and contrast these different models.

    o What is the relationship between organizational culture, global culture, and innovation? (Support your answer with examples from your own organization or an organization with which you are familiar)

    o Be sure to support your answers.

    Properly cite your references

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    Motivation is the result of the fundamental interaction among an individual and a situation. Motivation is the temperament to exert high levels of effort toward organizational goals, conditioned by the effort's ability to gratify some individual need. It is a process that starts with a physiological or psychological insufficiency or need that sparks behaviour or drive that is directed at a goal or incentive. In present manager must be aware of what motivates his workers in order to perform them to the best of their ability.

    From the above discussed meaning of motivation, it is clear that the most prominent elements of motivation are needs, drives and goals. Needs set up drive intended at goals and this is the basis process of motivation that can be employed by anyone. Need is the derivation of any motivated behaviour. Whenever an individual distinguishes a need, he is forced back by a desire to satisfy the need. Drives are conducted at satisfaction of needs. Drives are action-tailored and offer an activating thrust toward accomplishing a goal (McKenna, 2000). In this course of action, incentives or goals can be used as instruments to induce people. Once the goal is arrived at, the physiological or psychological balance is fixed and the drive is break off.

    Incentives play a prominent role in the process of motivation. In present each and every organization tries to motivate its employees along with designing incentive systems. The framework that is generally used to design incentive system is as follows:

    - Identification of content dimension: The first and the foremost step in this regard are to identify the content dimension which basically deals with the determination of the content that should be confronted to the management in regard to creation of further content. This step also includes subsequent steps:
    1. Evocation and ...

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