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    Employee testing

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    Provide information on examples of employee or applicant testing in the global workplace, and also why testing is done.

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    There are hundreds of employment tests that will help an employer make the best decision. An employment test is only valid if the inferences made are based on the test score are accurate. For example, if we are correct that how well the applicant does is directly related to how well the applicant will perform on the job. Certain test such as graphology and polygraphs, exhibit little evidence of validity to assist in an employer making a hiring decision. The employment tests that will be discussed have been demonstrated to correlate with one or more critical employment outcomes. Prior to selecting an employment test, an employer will need to determine if testing makes sense and what will be assessed.

    1. Assessment Center
    Assessment Centers are designed to measure various types of job related skills and abilities, but the main focus to assess interpersonal skills, communication skills, planning and organizing and analytical skills. The assessment center normally consists of exercises that will reflect job content and types of problems faced on the job. Besides the simulation exercises, assessment centers may include other types of types such as cognitive ability tests, personality ...

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    The following posting discusses issues regarding employee or applicant testing in the global workplace.