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Leadership by teaching and coaching

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Please provide a synopsis, or review of leadership by teaching/coaching utilizing published sources. I have to provide at least five referenced sources in order to develop a four page paper.

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I believe that leaders are individuals who teach on a consistent basis whether it is a teacher/student relationship a leader/subordinate relationship or a pastor/congregant relationship. All of the above mentioned relationships consist of people in authority who teach in accordance with the present professional and personal need. "Wise leaders use measures not only to focus attention but also to drive change and continuous improvement" (Hasselbein and Cohen, 1999).

Leaders by definition are teachers or coaches who design a structure of goals that are to be carried out by their students for personal development with the progression of knowledge. Teachers often identify the personality traits of each student and establish a curriculum that will aid in a students achievement of goals. Teaching is an important form of leadership because a student's success or failure may ultimately be as a result of the reflection of leadership. For instance, a wise instructor once informed my fellow classmate in the creative writing program that if the information the writer presents in the her short story was unclear to the reader, it is the writers obligation to write ...

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The leadership by teaching and coaching are provided.

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