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Cognitive Coaching Research

Consider the effect of cognitive coaching on the current climate of education an its use in supporting teacher leadership.

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As you brainstorm the effects of cognitive coaching on the current climate of education and its use in supporting teacher leadership, I feel that it is a positive method for empowering, retaining, and supporting teachers of all levels. I also feel that is an awesome way in order to augment morale among teachers, improve the workplace climate, generate positive energy, and encourage teacher collaboration. Coming from a PLC teaching background from my last school, I definitely see it as a safety net for teachers.

The first article supports how cognitive coaching serves as a collaboration and communicative tool for educators and staff, improving teachers' morale as well as sense of unity and leadership. The article is cited below:

Archon, M. (2008). Cognitive Coaching - An Effective Communications Tool for Teacher Librarians. (Cover story). CSLA Journal, 32(1), 11-12. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

I've also attached the article as a pdf file for you. ...

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