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    Coaching Style and Learning Styles

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Matching teaching with learning styles is a much-debated issue; many people have different styles in communication, teaching and coaching styles, do you think one needs to adapt one's coaching style based on who are the recipients? If yes, then how do we deal with this issue if we are dealing with big groups?

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    I am going to use only personal examples, no references so you will not see any listed below. I see that was an option so I hope this works for you.

    I do believe that we need to adjust our teaching and coaching styles to the audience we are working with. If it is a one on one situation, it is much easier to do so than in a large group however, even in a group setting it is possible to tailor the teaching and coaching style to the different individuals involved.

    In a one on one ...

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    In the following posting, coaching styles and learning styles are examined. The communication required for each are provided. The explanation is given in 336 words.