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Concept of Leadership Style

Assist with writing a paper on the concept of leadership style. Include at least three cites (from the textbooks, non-textbook sources) along with personal experiences. Address following questions:

Define the term and concept of leadership style.
Brief discussion of a minimum of three (3) leadership styles.
Discuss how one's leadership style is developed, and the process one would follow to modify their leadership style.
Describe your leadership style along with the advantages, and challenges, of that style in today's business environment.

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Leadership Styles

An organization's leadership quality can significantly affect that firm's "growth and success" (Hargis, Watt & Piotrowski, 2011, p. 52). This impact stems from the leaders' role in "creating and sustaining a competitive advantage" (Hargis, Watt & Piotrowski, 2011, p. 54).

At this age where the macroeconomic environment any firm, whether it is for profit or non profit, is so dynamic, organizations have no recourse but to change alongside their environments. Unfortunately, according to industry experts, "organizational change initiatives continue to experience a failure rate approaching 70%" (Beer & Nohria 2000; IBM 2008; Raps 2004; Kotter 1998; Senge, 1999; Standish Group 2009; Strebel 1998; Grady, Magda & Grady, 2011). This is why the quality an organization's leadership and hence its leaders' leadership styles have become more important.

What is leadership style?

According to Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell (2009), "[leadership styles influence many aspects of organizational behavior, including employees' acceptance of and adherence to organizational values" (p. 132). This means that a leadership style which focuses on developing and maintaining common organization values among employees has a likely chance of contributing to "shared standards of conduct" (Ferrell, Fraedrich and Ferrell, 2009, p. 132).

Types of ...

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