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    Business leadership training powerpoint

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    The discussion with your peers on leadership has heightened your interest in the general concept of leadership, so you decide to conduct research on the topic. A specific style can have a significant impact on the organization and its members, so consider the theoretical basis of leadership and explore the relative effectiveness of specific styles.

    Use the Library, Internet, and other resources to conduct research on leadership theories and styles. Locate at least two examples of leaders who have used specific styles, either to the advantage or to the detriment of an organization. These examples should be notable business people who have appeared in the media. The specific style used by each one should be reviewed, and organizational outcomes should be assessed. In addition, specific leadership theories (at least one for each situation) should be referenced to support the use of each style. Discuss any other style or styles that could have been more appropriate for the leaders and indicate why.

    What are the lessons learned from this research and analysis that could influence your approach to the category leader role. Help create 10-12 PowerPoint slides speaker notes on each slide, as well as title and reference slides. The presentation should be fitting to use in a business leadership training setting.

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