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    Differentiated Instruction Key Points

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    Use the Word document (below) to complete The Important Thing about Differentiation. Use the information from Differentiated Instruction in the Regular Classroom and 10 Examples and Non-Examples of Differentiated Instruction in your summary. Your summary should include a description of the "important things" chosen. It should not be just a list of points.

    The Important Thing Rubric

    Criteria Passed Not Passed
    Format Summary used correct format
    Was written in paragraph form
    Has no spelling or grammar errors Correct format was not used for summary
    Summary not written in paragraph form
    Contains spelling or grammar errors
    Content Summary details key points from both articles.
    Summary includes a description of the key points in the candidate's own words
    Summary includes details from only one article
    Summary does not include a description of the key points
    The description is copied and pasted from the article (not the candidate's own words)

    The article you can use the link


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    The most important variables associated with differentiation instruction include whether the instruction can facilitate an easier learning environment for children by adhering to the individual child's specific learning needs through diversified instructional methodologies. Therefore, teachers must first learn their student's specific learning needs, be ...

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    Differentiated instruction key points are examined.