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    Leadership styles-Democratic, Charismatic, & Coaching Leadership

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    Write an Executive Summary, comparing the leadership styles of three leaders- Democratic, Charismatic, and Coaching Leadership styles on a 2 page document. The summary will cover the following:
    • Executive Summary
    • An introduction to the concept of influence processes
    • A summary of the various types of influence processes and the factors that can affect them
    • An analysis of the processes used by the three leaders. Identify the processes that the leaders and top management team (TMT) are using to impact the organization.

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    Try and think in terms of a leadership style to communicate and motivate. The two areas that are important to produce results that lead to business continuity. In the below example, the Executive Summary informs and introduce the overall leadership vision to implement with employee's agreement to do so. Thus, the democratic, charismatic, and coaching plays a major role into this objective to reach the desired results.

    Executive Summary

    In business the democratic leadership style is very open and ...

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    The review into creating an Executive Summary incorporating three leadership styles-Democratic, Charismatic, and Coaching Leadership.