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    Personality Characteristics of Managers

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    "The performance of nursing units is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the nursing managers, and effective managers use a broad repertoire of leadership styles to create high-performance work climates... They spent more time creating a vision for the group and gaining buy-in, were more democratic, and tried to maintain harmony through an affiliative style of leadership. At the same time, they were less coercive. They engaged their nurses to perform better by providing them with increased opportunities for meaningful work and for growth and development."

    1. What kind of personality characteristics would this type of manager need to have?
    2. What are some specific tasks that managers can do to make this type of work climate?

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    1. What kind of personality characteristics would this type of manager need to have?

    I highlighted some of the main words in the above scenario that can help us decide the personality characteristics necessary for this manager. This type of manager needs to be a manager and a leader. Leaders have the type of self-confidence that is usually derived from a positive sense of self-esteem and worth. They have the ability to exercise self-control over potentially counterproductive emotional volatility and related actions. Leaders can sense the emotions and feelings of others and act accordingly to achieve results. (1)

    Certain attributes are also linked to this type of manager. S/he needs to be democratic allowing open communication from all team players and be open to suggestions and also be a good listener. This person needs to be flexible and be willing to take reasonable risks. S/he needs to be somewhat of a visionary. S/he needs individual and group communication skills to orchestrate the democratic process of shared decision-making and for selling the vision to the nursing staff. Employee INVOLVEMENT is a key to success.

    This manager will be a leader and able:
    · To have the initiative to take advantage of windows of opportunity;
    · To be performance oriented and understanding of the importance of establishing performance metrics in the evaluation of goals and objectives;
    · To be adaptable as it is in a rapidly changing environment that leadership are in the highest demand;
    · To have the ability to sense an other person's emotions and to react in an appropriate manner;
    · To be able to adopt a client focus to ensure that the needs of the "customers' are being meet. Leaders understand that without a proper reward system in place the chances for success are greatly diminished (1)

    This manager will be leader and able to set a vision or direction and achieve results. It is unlikely that persons with low self-esteem and poor interpersonal skills will rise to positions of leadership or be effective in the above scenario.

    2. What are some specific tasks that managers can do to make this type of work climate?

    This type of leadership style (affiliative) values people and their emotional state more than specific tasks or goals. However, the manager combines this with certain tasks. For example, the work climate would be inviting as the manager sets work tasks that are both innovative and challenging for the workers, allowing for increased opportunity, which research shows is linked to increased job satisfaction. The climate will be one where open communication and sharing of ideas is encouraged and embraced. Team meetings will be ...

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    Referring to the scenario on leadership and management style in nursing, this solution discusses the kind of personality characteristics this type of manager would need to have and some specific tasks that managers could do to make this type of work climate. References are provided, as well as an article excerpt detailing different types of management styles.