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Differences in personality - Challenges of management

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Individual differences represent the essence of the challenge of management. Not only are no two managers alike, but no two employees are alike. Managers face the challenge of working with people who possess a multitude of individual characteristics. Hundreds of personality characteristics have been identified including the Big Five Personality Traits, locus of control, self-esteem and the needs for achievement, affiliation and power.

Applying information regarding the personality traits, what are the personal characteristics that you believe would contribute to the success of entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs?

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Applying information regarding the personality traits, the personal characteristics that I believe would contribute to the success of entrepreneurs would be:

1. Self esteem: An entrepreneur would need a lot of self esteem to handle different personalities. Many times in the workplace you encounter employees who have very bold and loud personalities. If a manager does not possess enough self-esteem, this could allow employees to try and take control, even if they are not in charge.

2. Need for achievement: For any business to succeed, the individual in charge, the management, and employees should want to have a need for achievement. Without the desire and need to achieve in any task, the task could fall short of its goals.

In reference to the Big Five Personality Traits, I would say:

1. Agreeableness. I think each employee, manager, or ...

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