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Personality and Time Management

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Assess your time management skills by reading the article below - "Knowledge of Type Determines How You use Time Management!" What does personality have to do with time management? Is there a personality type that is better at time management? Explain.

Knowledge of Type Determines How You use Time Management!

We do not all see, understand and use TIME MANAGEMENT the same way. But we all have instinctively preferred ways of dealing with perhaps our most precious commodity...TIME.

Your personality type determines greatly how you naturally approach time management.

You may be pleased to learn that there are 16 ways of personal time management! Not just one way that time management professionals insist you embrace....although some of those time management tips can be helpful for us all.

Excellent Time Management
Some personality types find they are naturals at using many of the professed time management techniques and tools recommended by the experts like, day planners, to-do lists, identifying work tasks, prioritizing work tasks, timelines of all types, etc.

Some personality types find many of these tools are harder to embrace and some are down right irritating!

Whether the personality types find time management more natural or less natural and even irritating and difficult none of the types are wrong!

That is one of the beauties of Myers-Briggs personality type there is no right or wrong to it just ways of being that are natural, instinctive and powerful....when identified and used.

Excellent time management consists of you taking the responsibility of the time that has been given to you in your life.

Some methods may work better than others regardless of the personality types but knowledge of type via the Myers Briggs test can help explain why some folks find time management easier or harder to do.

Knowing how your personality type prefers to naturally approach time management will aid you in getting things done, avoiding or reducing natural irritants associated with personal time management, explain why others behave as they do at times regarding getting things done, and potentially increase your personal effectiveness in getting things accomplished.

Potential Impacts

Frankly there are many potential impacts both positive and negative in knowing how your personality type handles time issues.

For example the "Perceivers" of the world are habitually late, have a strong tendency to "procrastinate", and will be less attracted to the tried and true time management techniques recommended by the experts for all of us to use.

Consequently if a "Perceiver" is working for a organization or a boss who values promptness, neatness, timely and structured decision making, more traditional methods of time management let us say, the "Perceiver" will have to work a bit harder....but can do it none the less.

The degree of irritation and difficulty adapting to a non-Perceiving view of time will depend upon the personal uniqueness of each Perceiver.

Along the same lines if your natural type-oriented tendencies are for more formal time management techniques and you KNOW you are working with, living with, someone who's view of time management is a more "Perceiving" one than you can allow for it and flex with it in a way that is understanding of the natural differences between you both, rather than taking a critical view.....which is what all of us do when we don't know the type differences.

Link on the personality types below to discover more details regarding how different types approach and handle time management.


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