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    Aligning People in an Organizations with Change Strategy

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    Why would change leaders need to align the organization's people with the change strategy? Would it be easier to just tell workers of the change and demand compliance? Or, would integrating workers' ideas and capacities before a change improve the likelihood of change success? Explain your position in detail.

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    Change Strategy

    Change in an organization is necessary for survival. However, there are many obstacles that resist organizational change. First is resistance of the leadership and management. The tendency to get complacent and adopt the "business as usual" attitude will ultimately end in the death of the company.

    Organizational leaders must continually monitor the market environment to determine what market forces are demanding. Failure to adapt to changes occurring in the market place will ultimately lead to business decline and possible company failure.

    The IBM Corporation in the 1980's serves as a classic example. The management team at IBM refused to see the development of the Personal Computer. The management team at IBM believed they had the corner market for years to come concerning computers in businesses. But, with the adoption of PC's to the workplace environment, the larger and more expensive IBM computers quickly became obsolete. Their market share dropped drastically and the survival of the company was in jeopardy.

    Another obstacle is the resistance of the workers and employees. They often view change as a threat to their jobs. Often, this is due to older workers who have not adapted to new technology. In addition, workers often have an established, informal network to get the job accomplished. By refusing to include the concerns of workers in the change process, management excludes this informal network. By excluding this informal network, ...

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    This solution discusses by change leaders need to align the organization's people with change strategy.