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    Strategic Management

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    Outline the research approach you will use for the Strategic Plan for PNC Financial Services Group Inc. within the Mortgage division,

    Include the following:

    ââ?¬¢ How you intend to validate the organizational vision, mission, and values statements
    ââ?¬¢ Sources you expect to use to perform an external environmental analysis
    ââ?¬¢ Sources you expect to use to perform an internal environmental analysis

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    Organizational Mission, Vision, and Values

    Strategic management is a concept used by managers within organizations to identify, assess, and manage strategic change. Developing a framework to gauge and improve strategic management systems is an important task and comes in response to the cross-industry need for such a framework. The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) released a comprehensive Executive Summary on the topic in 2004. We can apply the framework of the COSO study to PNC Financial Services Group, Mortgage Division.

    Every organization faces uncertainty, that uncertainty comes in many forms, some present challenges to the organization and other uncertainties present opportunities. Strategic management systems allow organizations ?to effectively deal with uncertainty and associated strategy and opportunity, enhancing the capacity to build value? (Flaherty, Maki, et. al., 2004).

    Changes in technology, federal and state regulations, and economic uncertainties all affect the ...

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    Discusses organizational mission, vision, values, and external and internal analysis.