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    Search Engine Marketing for the Printing 3D Services Industry

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    Name of Business: Printing 3D Services Industry

    Business Market Segment: Production and sale of digitally fabricated goods, related services, materials, and assets for production.

    Please provide a write up for the following section:

    Search Engine Marketing:

    1. Search Engine Optimization
    2. Search Engine Advertising (eg AdWords)
    3. Other directories - marketing

    NOTE: I am trying to articulate an e-commerce business proposal for an e-commerce site like: http://www.shapeways.com.

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    Marketing of e-commerce site is an important task to increase the popularity of the business and position the company's products and services in the market. This is ultimately increases revenue of the firm. Proper marketing will increase the usability of the site that also increases the ranking of web site. The task of online advertisement can be performed with the help of search engine marketing. This report includes the uses of search engine optimizations technique that determines and explains the working of SEO for the advertisement of the website. It also includes Search Engine Advertisement in which importance and method of online advertisement are describes. At last, the report includes other directories marketing such as, E-mail marketing and Blog marketing.

    Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization:

    Search engine optimization is the technique that helps search engine for finding a particular web site over the internet. This technique also rank the website based on the response time to search query. It provides traffic to websites with the help of web browser that increases web-based business. It also increases the popularity of the web-site, thus helps in getting better ranking over the other millions of websites. This ranking to websites made easier to web browser for locating the website and present it to the user on query (Rognerud 2008).

    Working of Search Engine: Search Engine performs various activities before delivering the search result to the client including crawling and indexing. Firstly, search engines crawls the web site in order to understand about the data and information present in the website (Odom 2011). This process is completed with the help of software, known as crawler or spider. In this process, software accesses the complete web site and index the main heading found in the website. This is not a regular process and software accesses the website once in two or three months, thus it saves index file in its giant database. When user queries for any particular information, the search engine retrieves the website based ...

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