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What is the postive and negatives to using the internet (search engine) service?

Prompt: A large computer parts company has been traditionally doing well by building strong customer relationship and obtaining loyalty in their products. However, they were introduced to an internet service for manufacturers that uses search engines that can cross reference parts from multiple manufacturers based on part numbers and description and more then 20,000 comapnies can have access to this service. The company is concerned that they may lose their relationship with current customers and suppliers who might use the interent service to pick products from differnt channels.

Question: What is the postive and negatives to using the internet service.

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The internet service will help the customers to find the products they need more quickly and will help to increase the sales in the overall industry. Before making a decision, the computer parts manufacturer should make a self evaluation and compare some factors like product prices, promotions, after sales support etc. with other rivals. A search engine will cross reference and lead its customers to different companies as well as ...

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The positive and negatives to using the internet services are determined.