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E-commerce business proposal for Printing 3D Service Industry

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What were the most valuable things learned in the articulation of the e-commerce business proposal for Printing 3D Service Industry? Based on the sections you worked on.

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E-commerce Printing 3D

E-commerce for printing 3D helps in understanding the concept of making business plan for the organization. From this business plan, I have learnt that in order o implement any activity in the business, it is very necessary to make business plan. Also, I have learn that before making any business plan, it is essential to understand the needs of the business, so to construct effective objectives that can be achieve through this plan. I was not much aware of how to make any business plan but from this work, I have learnt about the process of making and arranging different business activities to achieve the goals and objectives and also to understand the important concept that are required to implement this plan for 3D printing industry.

I have also learnt that other than objectives, organization also has to decide what products or services must be selling through e-commerce, so to design catalog accordingly. Catalog for the products and services helps customers to understand the offers made by organization and can avail the services offered. I also learned that catalog always ...

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E-commerce business proposals for Printing 3D Service Industries are examined.

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eCommerce business proposal - Printing 3D

This is a follow-on from the last question....

Name of Business: Printing 3D Services Industry

Business Market Segment: Production and sale of digitally fabricated goods, related services, materials, and assets for production.

**Please provide a write up for the following section:

Payment Methods & Systems:
1. Credit Cards
2. Wallets (PayPal or Similar)
3. Micropayments
4. Other Payment Methods


Technology: Printing3D will outsource a substantial portion of its operation including shopping cart and online payments facilities, etc. This approach ensures that the company is able to take full advantage of the many benefits of outsourcing specialized IT components. As a small business this approach is aimed at providing enough room for growth and development.

NOTE: I am trying to articulate an e-commerce business proposal for an e-commerce site like: http://www.shapeways.com

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