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eCommerce business proposal - Printing 3D

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This is a follow-on from the last question....

Name of Business: Printing 3D Services Industry

Business Market Segment: Production and sale of digitally fabricated goods, related services, materials, and assets for production.

**Please provide a write up for the following section:

Payment Methods & Systems:
1. Credit Cards
2. Wallets (PayPal or Similar)
3. Micropayments
4. Other Payment Methods


Technology: Printing3D will outsource a substantial portion of its operation including shopping cart and online payments facilities, etc. This approach ensures that the company is able to take full advantage of the many benefits of outsourcing specialized IT components. As a small business this approach is aimed at providing enough room for growth and development.

NOTE: I am trying to articulate an e-commerce business proposal for an e-commerce site like: http://www.shapeways.com

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The expert examines e-commerce business proposal for printing 3D.

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Printing 3D Services Industry

Financial transaction is the lifeblood of the e-commerce. E-Commerce is an online business activity that helps the customer to buy a wide range of goods and services, with the help of online financial transaction system. E-Commerce business requires shopping cart and online payment facilities, in which shopping cart allows the customers to select multiple items at a time and place them in the cart and payment facility helps to pay them for the selected items. Outsourcing of electronic transaction security is the best alternative for the small business that does not have enough capital to develop their transaction system. There are various payment methods and systems, such as credit cards, wallets, micropayments and other payment methods.
Credit Cards:
Credit card provides convenience and safety. It also enables the customer to purchase certain goods without investing immediately and it is worldwide accepted. Credit cards provide wide range of features to the users such as it helps in the identification of owner, so that he can buy the goods without physical money. It can be used at various places such as at merchants' shops and also helpful in buying goods over internet (McGaw 2009). The online transaction to an e-commerce site to purchase goods by using credit card through following steps:
In the first step, the customer makes purchase of selected goods and SSL provides a secure connection through internet to merchant server. In the second step, the merchant's software contacts clearing house of payment of money. In third step, clearing house sends the request to customer bank account to check the balance ...

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