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    Pop Culture: East and West

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    What is popular culture and how does it relate to eastern and western societies?

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    As you define popular culture and how it relates to eastern and western societies, an excellent quote from Andrew Ross to possibly apply as an attention getter is
    "We cannot attribute any purity of political expression to popular culture, although we can locate its power to identify ideas and desires that are relatively opposed, alongside those that are clearly complicit, to the official culture" (http://english.berkeley.edu/Postwar/pop.html). In other words, his quote reiterates the power embodied by pop culture in terms of political, economic, social, and emotional effects. You might explore these main sub points within your paper.

    Similarly, you definitely need to define it. Although popular culture has been deemed as anything associated with commercial culture (movies, television, Internet, music, fashion, toys, etc.), it is not easy to pinpoint. Pop culture definitely originated in Western culture and serve as "one of the US' most lucrative export commodities, making everything from Levi's jeans to Sylvester Stallone movies popular on the international market" (http://english.berkeley.edu/Postwar/pop.html). Popular culture often includes anything that is culturally mainstream in terms of fads, trends, gimmicks, etc. If you need to get theoretical within this paper, you might talk
    about pop culture as "dialogic" or as an infusion or combination of culture industry creations, advertising trends, merchandise, slang, etc.

    You might also want to distinguish among culture types. For example, as you define general culture, you might utilize the United Nation's definition of culture as a "set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group and that it encompasses, in addition to art and ...

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