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Roman and Byzantine Empires

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Below is what i'm being asked for but I'm having a hard time trying to determine what the social, political and economical structures were during that time.

Compare and contrast the Eastern and Western halves of the Roman Empire and examine the development of the uniqie Byzantine culture. Discuss this in terms of social, political and economic structures.

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The Byzantine Empire spoke Greek while the Western Roman Empire adopted Latin. The Byzantines adopted Eastern ways, styles of dress, food and entertainment. The emphasis was on relationship, saving face, being sure not to offend and hospitality. The West was a conglomeration of Roman and barbarian culture. The emphasis was on force, individualism and power. The West looked on the East as tricky, effeminate and untrustworthy. The East viewed the West as brutish, ignorant and violent. The East enjoyed all kinds of delicacies in food, spices, silk and music and architecture. The West despised bathing, ate bland food, wore coarse clothing and its architecture was solid and practical.


As mentioned above the West by default relied on brute force. People groups were meant to be subdued. Barbarians were starved to death, slaughtered and sold into slavery. Their culture and religion were ...

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