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Marketing Wellness: Government Non-Profit, Military or VHA

Evaluate the existing wellness and prevention marketing program of the health care organization (Government non-profit...Military or VHA)

Part A) Assess the marketing strategy of the health care organization with respect to wellness and prevention. What are the limitations to the current approach?

Part B) Describe how you would improve the wellness and prevention marketing program. If your selected organization does not currently have a wellness and prevention program, then describe instead how you would market it.

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A. A Government non-profit healthcare organization that has a very good existing wellness and prevention marketing program, is the VHA, or The Veterans Health Administration. This organization primarily markets its existing wellness and prevention programs through government-sponsored websites, as well as through advertisement within the military and the government employee network. The website that this organization utilizes is highly detailed and provides a wealth of information regarding the services that are provided by this organization, as well as the pertinent statistics regarding the ...