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Compensation Management - Advantages and Disadvantages of the HSA Option

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1. What are some advantages of implementing the HSA option?

2. What are some potential disadvantages of the HSA option?

3. What would you recommend and why?

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The solution discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the HSA option in compensation management.

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Please find help and some guidelines for compensation management below, the content below has been written to get you started on this assignment.

Advantages of Implementing HSA Option

There are several benefits by implementing HSA (Health Savings Account) option in the organization. For the employer, through implementing HSA option, employer can ensure the safety and security of its employees. This is also beneficial for the employers to motivate employees about their health and implement a workplace wellness program. The implementation of HSA option also provides advantages to the employees in terms of saving taxes. HSA compatible insurance policies are deductable from income tax that helps the employees and customers to save their amount of ...

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