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Implementation Implications and Solutions

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Implicit in strategy planning is the use of assumptions about the capabilities within the organization, the internal and external environment, and many other elements. This is a function of attempting to creating a future vision and positioning the organization to achieve that vision. An important component in strategic planning, then, is to uncover these assumptions and create contingencies to reduce risk and uncertainty.

Evaluate the assumptions and interlocking dependencies of the strategic plan and using your assumption and dependency evaluation, forecast any implementation issues. Basically, if your assumption does not hold true, what is a potential implementation issue? What do you need to consider?

For each of your most likely implementation issues, prescribe a potential solution within the framework of your strategic plan and evaluate the strategically appropriate relationships to have within your supply chain, value chain, organizational structure, and organizational communication to implement your strategic recommendations.

Evaluate the potential issues in and barriers to implementing your suggested knowledge management and organizational learning strategies.

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Strategic planning is based on certain assumptions and interlock dependencies, following are the assumptions and interlock dependencies that constitute strategic planning:
(i) Organization had strong presence in its domestic country
(ii) Expansion plan can help the organization to efficient use its cash.
(iii) Company has a huge customer base
(iv) Company is abiding by the business laws of the country
(v) Company is competitively strong
(vi) Company is not affected by earthquake
(vii) Company has loyal suppliers

Implement issues associated with these assumptions:
(i) General economic factor in domestic as well as international market may affect the business.
(ii) Expansion plan can adversely affect the financial performance of the organization
(iii) Retention of ...

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