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    Question about Decision Implementation

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    Using the information from the case, independent research, the mission of your current organization, prepare a paper, which you describe your rationale and plan for implementation for the proposed solution(s) for your organization to establish a greater presence on Kava by:
    1) Determine factors affecting decision implementation in an organization and your proposed solution(s)
    2) Evaluate resources and actions required for decision implementation of your proposed solution(s)
    3) Evaluate the ethical implications from stakeholders perspectives of your proposed solution(s)

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    //Before writing about the factors to be implemented within an Organization, we will write about the overview of the company 'Emirates Air'. For the establishment of the business in Kava and establishing the business operations, the decision making strategy of the company will be discussed.//


    This paper gives a detailed analysis of the various factors, which affect the decisions related to the implementation of business for establishing the proposed business by Emirates Air in Kava. The company wants to enlarge its business in this Island for taking the advantage of the existing opportunities of this country, which assist the company to develop competitive advantage. Kava is the island country in south pacific, which is affected by various disasters like floods, petroleum spills, fire, tidal waves, avian flu, earthquakes and terrorist attacks. All these disasters are responsible for the creation of mess around the country. The economy of Kava is rich and lucrative as it consists of cheap and quality labor, which attracts the business organizations in a significant way.

    There will be a description of the resources and actions which are required for making the decision of business implementation in Kava. It also describes the ethical implications from stakeholder's perspectives in context of proposed business. Apart from this, the paper will also assist the reader to gain an in-sight about the evaluation of the pertinent factors and resources, which play a major role in the success or failure of implementation strategy of proposed business.

    //Above, we discussed about the Company's perspective towards the establishment of business in Kava. Now, we will write about the factors affecting decision implementation in an Organization and the proposed solution(s). It will assist in understanding the important 'Factors that affect the Decision Making Process'.//


    Decision implementation is a crucial process of any organization, which plays a major role in the success or failure of any proposed business. This process requires an in-depth study and analysis of all those factors which might affect the implementation steps of the proposed business in a great way. This process involves various sub-steps, which require application of critical thinking and also assist the organization to implement the developed decision in an effective manner. The most important factors are as follows:

    Ø Company image: This is the key factor, which affects the decision implementation of Emirates Air of its proposed business in Kava. If the promotional tools for the development of the company image or establishing a good corporate image among the key people of Kava are not performed effectively, it will result in to the development of negative corporate image of the company before the people of Kava, which in turn also lead to the failure of the implemented decisions (Robbins, 2005).

    Ø ...

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