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    Manageement: Problem solving, Implementation & Monitoring

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    1. Explain what you believe are management's roles and responsibilities in decision implementation. Identify and describe the factors that affect decision implementation. Explain how you believe these factors should be addressed to assure successful implementation - the effectiveness of the decision.

    2. Identify and describe the steps for effective management of a decision implementation plan. Explain how you believe managers should monitor the progress of decision implementation. Identify and explain the considerations you believe are important in implementing decisions in global organizations.

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    Management puts a high priority on decision-making and has many roles and responsibilities. For example, top management has to be concerned with the ethical implications of the implementation plan and the execution of the solution. Top management must have assurances that the implemented solution will meet with the organizational mission, values as well as diversity issues. The actual decision will be implemented by the manager, even though the other managing staff will participate, such as providing suggestions. However, the final decision is the ...

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    Ny addressing the questions this solution discusses issues related to management, such as problem solving, the steps for effective management of a decision implementation plan, as well as important important considerations when implementing decisions in global organizations. References are provided.