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    Reframing a problem

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    Select an ongoing problem at work or a decision with which you have been struggling. How might you reframe this problem or decision by using steps one through six in the problem-solving model? Has your perspective on the problem or decision changed?

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    //While writing this kind of paper, first of all, we will discuss about the problem that we are facing and struggling with at the workplace. After this, we will reframe this problem making use of the six step process of problem solving. At last, we will make an analysis of whether, our perspective on the problem has changed or not. //

    Workplace problems are becoming more and more common these days and almost all the working professionals have its victims. It is the human nature that one can never be satisfied and due to dissatisfaction, our perception to the people around us, changes automatically. These differences in the perceptions of people generate clashes among them which ultimately take the form of workplace problems. Therefore, there can be different forms of problems faced by the employees at the workplace. The ongoing problem we are facing in the organization is the lack of adaptation with the new technology that has been introduced recently to bring about more improvements. The existing employees have not been made accustomed to the novel technologies and their usage. Consequently the work performance has deteriorated rapidly and the employees have become highly demotivated to work efficiently.

    //Subsequent to the discussion about the ongoing problem faced in the organization, now we will take a look as to how this problem can be reframed by the implementation of the six step problem solving model, which is an effective measure for resolving intricate and complicated problems.//

    Problem Solving Model is a systematic and sequential approach followed for ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1052 words with references.