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    Business Communication Framing Messages

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    Can you help me better understand this subject with help on these questions:

    Think of a message you recently communicated. How does framing a message affect the communication process? How could your message be re-framed so that it is processed and received with improved results?

    How can creating an outline improve your written communication? What types of organizational patterns exist, and how might you use them?

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    Reframing is a method of reworking a communication, a story, or a situation to make it more clear with better outcomes for those involved. Reframing means to consider more than just one side of a story or one person in a communication and make sure that all are considered and their sides are acknowledged.

    A communication I recently made was a text, brief and to the point about needing some information as soon as possible. It was sent to my two partners and they are both busy. I did not fully explain the issues involved or the reason it was an issue at that point. I got two replies, one quickly that was also short and less than friendly and one later that did not address the issue, but asked me to handle it. If I could handle it without their help ...

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    Business communications framing messages are examined.