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    Business-to-Business Messages and Communication

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    Select three business-to-business messages.

    Analyze the messages using the communication process. The analysis should include a descriptive explanation of characteristics that would improve the messages, including the following:

    Descriptions of the purpose, sender, receiver, message, environment, technology, noise, and feedback

    Explanations of whether the message and technology were appropriate given the environment and purpose

    Write a business-to-business message that has ABC Company asking to create a working relationship with XYZ Company.

    Write an unfavorable reply message to ABC Company. The message can be denying the working relationship, for example, due to ABC's credit, prices, reputation, services provided, needs, technology, and so on.

    Please write 1600 words that includes your analysis of the business-to-business messages using the communication process.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1885 words with references.

    //While writing this paper, we will go through three different business to business messages and then, we will deeply analyze these messages in respect of different characteristics that can help in improving the overall message. The analysis will include the mode of transmission, environment, feedback and other elements of communication. //

    Message is an effective medium of communication, which can be in the form of spoken, written or in the form of signs or pictures and when the substance of the message is directed towards the business, it is known as a business message. A business message can be internal, which is meant for board of directors or employees of an organization. It can also be external, which is meant for creditors, customers or suppliers. Business messages can be of different types like verbal business message, written business message, routine business message, positive business message or negative business message. In our day today life, we come across a variety of messages, which could be sent or received by us. Although, a message is said to be effective when it is being received and understood by the receiver properly and similarly, he or she is responding to it in an appropriate manner. All these elements help in comprising a complete communication (Business Messages, 2009).

    In this paper, we have picked three business messages each of which has different content and different topics. These messages are based on the business related content and sent by sender to the receiver with complete corporate etiquettes. The first message is in the form of application to apply for a post in an organization. Talking specifically about the message, we see that the message is directed to the Human Resource Director of Taylor Inc., from Raymond Rock. Raymond Rock has applied for the post of entry-level programmer after reading about the opening in a daily newspaper, News and Observer. The environment of this message is between two persons and is carried out from a long distance between the two. The technology being used in this message is e-mail, which is one of the efficient modes of communication in today's corporate environment. In addition to this, the message has very well followed the format of a business letter (Sample E-mail Messages).

    The message being discussed here has the least probability of getting affected due to noise because the message content is not too long and both receiver and sender have easy accessibility to send or receive messages. Since, e-mail id is a personal entity and can be checked by only the person to which it belongs, so the possibility of exploitation of the message is almost negligible. The sender of the message has very well covered the topic and has included all the aspects of a good message. The feedback of the message is not given at the moment, so it will be treated ...

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    This solution outlines three different business to business messages and analyzes these messages in respect of different characteristics that can help in improving the overall message. The analysis will include the mode of transmission, environment, feedback and other elements of communication. The response is 1885 words with references.