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Reframing and Positive Connotation

Reframing and positive connotation are two hallmarks of the MRI and Milan approaches. Compare and contrast the ideas of reframing and positive connotation:

-Describe how they are alike and distinguishing ways in which they are different (need apa resources)
-And provide examples that show understanding of the differences

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Reframing/ Positive connotation

Reframing and positive connotation are two hallmarks of the MRI and Milan approaches


Reframing is a strategy based on the Milan approach in which statements or explanations that differ from the family' prevailing beliefs are used to arrive at solutions in the therapeutic treatment process. Bertrando, Cecchin, Clerici, Beltaz, Milesi, & Gazzullo (2006) note that reframing avoids any intention to apply blame to one or other family members. Bertrando et al used the Milan approach with individuals who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The study found that relatives and family members who underwent the Milan intervention process based on reframing showed decrease in criticism and an increase in warmth toward family members. The reframing significantly diminished an important risk factor in schizophrenic relapse-the inability to express emotions. Gadin & Ouellette (1986) applied the strategy of reframing in a study focused on meditation as a therapeutic intervention for a client with ...

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