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Micro skills in Counseling

A description of each of these micro-skills, (paraphrasing, active listening, reflection, or reframing).

Explain how the appropriate use of each of these micro-skills might help build a therapeutic alliance in a counseling session. Can you also please help me with providing examples to illustrate each of these explanations?

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Reflection is a phrase always used in the profession of counseling. Reflection refers to past experiences that one can look back on and use them as an example for the client.

Example: You are in a counseling session with your client and your client is telling youabout a near death experience that happen when they were driving an automobile. Your telling of a similar incident when you almost died in a car accident might let the client know that you understand the feelings that they are feeling and that you understand what emotion and trauma that they felt.

Paraphrasing is simply listening to what your client said and then repeating it to them. Remember, in counseling, you are listening to someone who has a mild, moderate, or severe emotional or mental condition. Most people with these type of problems like to ramble and talk and talk and talk. It's your job to "LISTEN", discover the real problem, and find alternative methods to solve the problem(s).


Your client comes in and tells you that he had a car wreck and was seriously injured. Then you client lets you know when the police came on to the scene they treated him as ...

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Explains the micro skills in counseling.