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    Micro-Skills 2

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    Explain how appropriate disclosure, proxemics, and eye-contact can be used, effectively, in two of the following types of counseling sessions: individual, couple, or family.
    Provide specific circumstances in which each micro-skill would be effective to illustrate your explanation.

    Article: Haase, R. F., & DiMattia, D. J. (1970). Proxemic behavior: Counselor, administrator, and client preference for seating arrangement in dyadic interaction. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 17(4), 319-325.

    Article: Nyman, S. J., & Daugherty, T. K. (2001). Congruence of counselor self-disclosure and perceived effectiveness. Journal of Psychology, 135(3), 269-276.

    Article: McCarthy, P. R., & Betz, N. E. (2001). Differential effects of self-disclosing versus self-involving counselor statements. In C. E. Hill (Ed.), Helping skills: The empirical foundation (pp. 389-396). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. As I see it, you are being asked to explain how these set of Micro-skills can be used effectively in individual, couple or family counselling. You have also listed a series of articles that you are using in your class and I have taken a look at them as a reference point in giving you this solution. Before going into the solution, it's important to strategize how to answer this question by putting together an outline:

    1. Define Micro skills and the following: appropriate disclosure, proxemics, and eye-contact. About 300 words.
    2. Explain how they are each utilised in individual, couple, or family counseling sessions. About 300 words.

    If you like, you can add a closing argument extolling the importance of these micro skills. You can even go into further details by taking on each micro skill as they apply to each counselling session type at 300 words each. But that would require almost 1,500 words altogether and as I understand it, you are being asked to provide a concise answer. The solution below should get you started. OGood luck with your studies.

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    Micro Skills 2

    Micro Skills are those specific skills and approaches that a counsellor must develop to enhance, instigate, manage and conduct communication with clients for the purpose of building trust, working alliances and a sense of engagement necessary in counselling. Counselling, whatever the type or model, requires interaction. A counsellor must therefore have the essential micro skills that can make those interactions effective. Micro-skills set 2 include the following:

    Appropriate disclosure - in the therapy, part of the way a client can relate to the counselor is when the counselor shares some aspect of his/her experience in a particular situation with them. The thing is, this sharing must ...

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    The solution provides information,discussion and advice on the topic of proxemics,disclosure and eye-contact, specifically on their nature and application in counselling at an individual,couple and family setting. An outline as to how the essay can be set out is slso provided. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic