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    Opening Counseling Micro skills

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    Explain one way in which you would begin an individual counseling session after you have completed an intake with the client. Then, briefly describe at least two micro-skills covered this week that you would use in the session, and explain why. Finally, explain how these micro-skills would help you begin to build a therapeutic relationship with the client.

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    Beginning Individual Counseling Sessions:

    In beginning counseling sessions it is important to just ask the client questions such as what brings you here or how may I help you with your concerns. An open-ended questions allows the client to express themselves in a way where they feel like they are assisting in finding a solution to their problem. Never, start a session with a question requiring a yes or no answer. Ask the client how they feel and what makes them feel this way. Always let the client ramble because within this rambling there is a core problem that has to be discovered. Once the foci/source problem has been identified, then interventions can be suggested. Understand that many clients come in thinking that the problem is one thing and ...

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    The micro skills necessary in a success opening counseling session